Series Name
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date 12 November 2002
Episode Guide
Bog's Not So Dumb After All
Muldoon's Big Catch

Bog in Charge is the fourteenth episode of Butt Ugly Martians and the only second part episode in all of the series.


It begins following from the last episode (Bog's Not So Dumb After All, which was the first part of the story) where 2T tries to replace BKM with Ultra BKM, which does not work, nor does there regular BKM and to make it more bad, Rinko convinces Bog that they are actually traitors. So Bog calls in every enemy that they ever fought (except for the ones who were not working for Bog, etc. Dr Brady Hacksaw) and captures the martians.


  • As mentioned above, Humanga never worked for Bog, but ended up as one of the people trying to help Bog destroy the martians.

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