Picture 2

"Hey, hey, hey! Miss Spy-in-the-sky!" - B-Bop A-Luna

Shaboom Shaboom - A female Martian secret agent. She's aware of the trio's defection but keeps it a secret, and it's often implied that the Butt-Uglies have crushes on her.

She first meets the Martians in the episode "Damage's Little Girl", claiming to have run away from the Bog Star. It later turns out she is a brainwashed spy woking for Dr. Damage. In the end 2T Fru-T removes the brain probe, freeing Shaboom from Damage's control. She then leaves Earth saying she wants to "wander the universe for awhile". However later episodes show her on the Bog Star.

Shaboom Shaboom was voiced by Kath Soucie.

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